New Parents

 Pack 450 would like to welcome you and your family to Cub Scouting. 

The Pack is run locally by adults who volunteer their time and bring the Cub Scouting program to the kids involved in Pack 450. The Boy Scouts of America have trained us in how they expect the program to be handled.

Dens consist of boys (or girls in their own den) of approximately the same age. All the different age group dens comprise the Pack. Most dens meet every three weeks for 90 minutes. Once a month all the dens and their families get together at a Pack Meeting to receive the awards they have been working on. The Pack Meetings have different activities going on that promote good sportsmanship and are loaded with fun.

All scouts should have their own book in the rank they are working on as some things need to be completed at home. The scouts need to bring these books to every den meeting.

To make the program run smoothly, we would like to set expectations of everyone involved. 

Parents Responsibility

 Have your Scout wear the appropriate uniform to all den and Pack meetings or Scout activities.

Make sure your Scout attends den meetings – contact your den leader if your Scout will miss a meeting.

Attend all Pack Meetings with your Scout so they have family there to cheer them on as they earn their awards they have worked so hard on. The entire family is invited to all Pack Meetings.

How Can Parents Help?

 Offer assistance to the den leader. There are countless ways that everyone can lend a hand to keep the dens running smoothly. The den leaders will be happy let the parent(s) know what they can do to help out.

Work with your Scout on any achievements that the den leader asks you to complete at home. Your support of the program is essential to keeping the kids interested in Cub Scouts.

It is easy for the parent(s) to become a part of Scouting. As a Scout Leader, you will have the opportunity to work with Scouts and their families, improving your community by enriching the lives of the families who live in it through fun-filled, worthwhile programs that teach values. By making the commitment to serve as a leader, you can help to enrich the lives of your kids, making a positive difference in the kind of people they will become and building a better future for our nation.

Many volunteer leaders, both men and women, are involved in the Scouting movement by serving in a variety of positions in a Cub Scout Pack.  Below is a list of potential leadership roles that need to be filled on yearly basis: 

     Cubmaster                               Assitant Cubmaster
    Committee Chairman       Treasurer
    Popcorn Kernel                     Recruitment Chair
    Training Chair                        Webmaster
    Webelos Liaison                   Pinewood Derby Chairman
    Den Leader                              Assistant Den Leader 

Every leader has the opportunity to participate in leadership and skills training, access to a vast library of helpful literature, and a support network of fellow leaders and full-time professionals in the Scouting organization.